Who we are


Loran is a reference point for the dental industry since 1988. The daily collaboration with professionals from the dental industry allows us to develop a constant research aimed at achieving the best projects in response to each request. The use of highly resistant materials and of increasingly innovative and qualified manufacturing techniques guarantee top quality equipment and furniture.


“Our strength is that we are convinced that life is not only about work but also about passion for things, well made things, with respect for everyone in our mind. Our products are the expression of this feeling, which combines shape and functionality, technology and passion.”

Adriano Casagrande


We have adopted the photovoltaic system to produce electrical power, and now we are completely self-sufficient in terms of electrical power. Doing so we contribute to reduce CO² emissions into the environment for the benefit of all.

Daily collaboration with professionals from the dental sector means the development of ongoing reasearch to find the best designs for each single request.